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Pre Order Patriotic Kenny Soap

Pre Order Patriotic Kenny Soap

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Here at Country Lather, we support veterans!  There are 1000's of disabled veterans that have mobility issues and can't get scooters or have them and can't get them repaired.  Its our pleasure this year to partner up with the Patriotic Kenny Foundation!  Patriotic Kenny developed a following on Tiktok a few years ago as his mobility scooter wasn't working.  His Tiktok community banded together and funded a new scooter for him and much more which is how the Patriotic Kenny Foundation got its start.   Since its start the Patriotic Kenny Foundation has given 65 scooters to veterans!  Mr Kenny is a veteran of the US Navy and served on the USS Okinawa during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  After his service in the US Navy ended he worked for 30+ years for the Ford  Motor Company. 60% of the price of this bar of soap will go to the Patriotic Kenny Foundation.  Every bar of this soap y'all purchase will help a disabled veteran!.  Each bar will smell like a brisk fall day.  A great clean smelling soap with just a hint of musk, apple and jasmine.  The soap will have red, white and blue swirls and will feature the Patriotic Kenny logo.  Hey everyone needs soap so why not purchase a bar to "warsh the stank off" and help a disabled veteran in the process.  

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