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Misfit Soap Packs

Misfit Soap Packs

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Do you want skin nourishing soap and don’t really care if you smell like fruit, florals, leather or whatever?? Who cares right?!  You just want to be clean, use real soap and save a little money in the process.  Look no further!  We are currently selling our misfit bars. They may be cut wonky, be miss shaped or even be slivers from the ends of the loaves. Just as long as it’ll “warsh the stink off” right?!  Each bag will have a variety of soaps of all shapes, sizes, colors and smells. Each Misfit Pack will have a minimum if 24oz of soap, so it will last a while. Plus the soaps have been hanging out a while so they are good and hard (better lather and long lasting). 

INGREDIENTS : saponified oils of lard, palm, coconut, Shea butter, avocado, castor, canola, olive and sunflower. Goats milk 

Each bar may also have: honey, oatmeal, walnut powder, activated charcoal, glitter, botanicals, mica, titanium dioxide and fragrance. 

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