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Soap Saver Bag

Soap Saver Bag

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Do you have a bunch of soap pieces just laying around and hate to throw them away?  Do you wish you had something to wash with that was soft but yet could still scrub the top layer of crud away?  Look no further!  This Veteran made, natural sisal fiber soap saver bag is the answer. You can make your dollar stretch and put those small pesky pieces of soap (that never stay in your hand) in this bag and continue to wash with them.  Don't have that problem?  You can still fit a whole bar (or half of one if you cut yours in half because lets face it Country Lather makes a big bar of soap) in the same bag then scrub away!  Each bag comes with a draw string that makes hanging your soap up high and dry, convenient and simple.  Remember, the dryer you keep your soap the longer it will last and that means more money in your pocket.  The Soap Saver Bag is the perfect accessory to purchase with that bar of soap.

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